The vision for Godley Green is to develop a nationally recognised vibrant, sustainable and beautiful community based on Garden Village principles.


The ambition

Our ambition is for Godley Green to be recognised as a national and international example of modern placemaking. We have the opportunity to respond to the some of the most complex challenges of the 21st Century such as public health, climate change, sustainable food, transport and energy as well as creating new affordable homes that future generations will expect.


With its excellent links to the City of Manchester, Hyde town centre, the Pennines and National Park, Godley Green will have a distinctive and truly connected sense of place with seamless integration of new development and infrastructure into its superb natural landscape. 


Through the delivery of outstanding architecture and urban design a series of well-connected parks, green routes and public spaces will be created using materials that will endure and age gracefully.

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Site features

The design of any new place has a direct impact on our health, wellbeing and quality of life. This means that we have a responsibility to ensure that any new development will provide the best possible outcomes for the people that will live, work and play there.

Godley Green will be designed sensitively around existing communities and features to turn an ambitious vision into a real place.


Godley Station

Placemaking and design principles

Promoting Godley Green as a garden community carries considerable responsibilities. The large scale placemaking that will be required also provides an opportunity to plan for the long term and to think holistically about how places work so that we can understand the impact on existing communities to make this a place for all.


The illustrations below give a sense of the emerging plan for Godley Green.

By clicking through the slides you will find further information on the connections, spaces and communities which will be enhanced as part of the development. 

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• Two multi-purpose centres, comprising of: community, health and retail facilities serve adjacent residential development. 

• Generous proportions of public open space are provided, within a ten minute walk of both proposed and existing residential areas.

• Two train stations serve the site, providing direct connections with Manchester.

• Existing residents are shown in red.


Framework Masterplan

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Walking, cycling & connectivity

As a garden community, Godley Green's sustainability will be critical. The ability to walk and cycle safely, as well as excellent connections to Hyde Godley and Hattersely train station, are critical elements that have been considered in the masterplanning phases. In addition we must also prepare for the very near future where electric and autonomous vehicles will be the norm.


Car dependency poses a great threat to the health and wellbeing of suburban residents and this is worsened if poor connectivity is not well designed in the neighbourhood layout. This disconnection from the surrounding spaces and facilities limits the options to walk or cycle. This in turn promotes unhealthy, inactive lifestyles which stifle interaction with neighbours and local communities.


Godley Green is already a well-connected location and our ambition is to make it even easier for everyone to get to wherever they need to be.


Public health and wellbeing

The original garden cities and towns movement had their roots in the early public health movement and was strongly driven by the need to give people a better quality of life. Improved planning and quality of new homes have long been identified as essential for improving the health of communities, reducing health inequalities and cutting costs to the tax payer.

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Have your say

Your opinions, thoughts and ideas are crucial in helping to shape Godley Green into a garden village that we can all take pride in. This is your opportunity to get involved.